My first ever blog post…


So, this is blogging, huh?  I get to dole out the thoughts that permeate my brain and tickle my synapses, cool!  Well, I wanted to start out with this picture.  Very self-explanatory, no?  Wouldn’t you love to be there?  Then go do it!  What’s stopping you?  Sure we all have responsibilities, commitments and limited time.  Yet, just how much do you want it?  Make it a priority and that’s with all good things that make your heart and soul smile.  Happiness is so underrated and to me, is one of the most important elements to a human’s makeup.  Not only that, but go do it with someone you love or enjoy…a girlfriend, spouse or maybe one of your pals so that together, you both can be happy with the moments provided by this wonderful setting.

It takes tons of effort at times to just get out the door.  Yet, you will get there if you truly want it and are motivated enough.  So why don’t you give yourself a break today.  It’s Friday, the end of the work week.  Find your lil’ part of paradise and work towards getting there.  While preparing to get here to this pic, enjoy a Margarita, a Mai Tai or something tropical that makes you feel as though you are there.  Enjoy the process and make it fun.  Take the time to enjoy the moments to get here or there.  The journey can be just as fun.

Paradise is truly up to you so go get it!



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